The ideal temperature for your SPA

The spa is a hydrotherapeutic treatment, where the water temperature and the air pressure from the hydrojets are combined to provide true well-being. For you, who are a fan of spas, know that it is much more effective and more relaxing with the right temperature. Now, how to choose it?

Set your spa to a perfect temperature

This part is very essential to enjoy your relaxation sessions in your spa. On average, the most comfortable temperature varies between 36 ° C and 39 ° C. However, it will be necessary to learn from the doctor the temperature that suits these categories of people: pregnant women, people with heart disease, small children. Otherwise, for people of normal physical condition, the temperature to be adapted for your jacuzzi tubs will vary according to the season, your preferences and your age. The recommended maximum temperature for an adult is 40 ° C, do not increase further because it represents a great risk to health. Try to maintain an average temperature, and if possible, seek advice from the manufacturer on the ideal temperature of the spa model you have chosen to purchase.

The benefits of spa hot water

Hot water represents both physical virtues and psychic virtues. It promotes your health. On the physical side, if you experience fatigue after the day, bathing in the spa will allow optimal relaxation of all your muscles. Hot water also relieves joint and lumbar pain and even treats certain diseases such as arthritis, rheumatism, etc. In addition, it dilates the blood vessels and improves circulation throughout the body. Your body will be totally invigorated after a spa session. On the psychic side, the hot water has the effect of evacuating any stress that has accumulated in you. All your tensions will be released and you will enjoy a state of weightlessness in the spa. Indeed, hot water stimulates the release of endorphins or "wellness hormones". These hormones will spread an intense sense of well-being in you. So, adjust the temperature of your spa to have a toned body and a healthy mind.

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