True beneifits from water cures

The beneficial effects of treatments with water are known for millennia, and traditional treatment methods have lost none of their original appeal and efficiency. However, the techniques that are utilized in our times are greatly evolving and developing in conjunction with the evolution of medical knowledge and technical know-how.

Releasing muscle tightness

These are often improved with massage and warmth (typically water jet during a modern tubs jacuzzi but also techniques like tennis balls behind the neck or back), during warm water emersion. this will release ‘knots’ (myofascial trigger points) and supply accurate, and targeted relief where you would like it most, all while your muscle tissue is best ready to receive the therapy. Lower back pain, as an example, is nearly always recommended to be treated with hot (rather than cold) compresses or water. Despite the patient often assuming an extra inflammatory response would be unhelpful, lower back pain is usually muscular (not mechanical) in nature, and assisted by warm hydrotherapy and made worse by ‘cold’.

Neurological system activation

While extremes in temperature can activate the neurological system, moderate heating may ease the neurological activations that cause stress, so temperatures up to only above blood heat (about 40 degrees, but no more) are often a superb source of stress relief.


While exercise (and the body’s present processes) may be a propriety of detoxification, sweating in water (requiring adequate rehydration), has known benefits in excretion of some toxins. This is often perhaps less pronounced than many would have originally thought, but nonetheless important and will be considered as a possible benefit.

Physical and psychological cure

Lastly, and maybe most significantly, the physical and therefore the psychological might be more closely linked than previous evidence may need suggested. Meditation, relaxation and a ‘sense of presence within the moment’ are often achieved best during a warm, comfortable and secure environment. These techniques, combined with a secure environment like a warm spa, are often of immense benefit to our psychological state. The physiological benefits to a centred, calm and stable mind, on the body, could also be more pronounced than we ever assumed.

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