Purchasing the jacuzzi bathtub of your dreams

A real trend in fashion, the spa is going down in all directions and at all costs. And, you’re not getting a random spa. Not all of them give the same benefits and above all some are of a make that can leave a lot to be desired.


A cold pool of water, don't they tell you anything? We are listening! The very theory of hydrotherapy is muscle relaxation, especially through heat action. Right now ... Most spas, which are on sale today at a few hundred dollars, have no integrated heating system! The water in your spa therefore doesn't exceed the ambient temperature at all ... Which is, usually very far from a minimum of 35 ° C!

Are key multipurpose jets

The performance of the jets available in a spa is determined by good balneotherapy. Bearing in mind first criteria: are they multi-directional? If this is not the case then it will be up to you to adapt once in the bath, which is far from comfortable, to their location. Conversely, you can have a "sur-measure" spa if you can change the nozzles according to their size and style. Consider also about how so-called "Venturi" jets are the majority on jets (and not just one or two jets as claimed by some manufacturers trying to confuse the buyer.

Will contain massage pumps

A standard spa is not determined by the maximum number of pumps or the greatest strength possible. Or if certain producers always pledge the opposite! We are not of that standpoint. Too many pumps, too powerful in a spa that doesn't need the same equipment, it's above all the guarantee that your electricity consumption will rise! All is about peace. It's the number of jets and spa size that characterizes the interest in the number and power of massage pumps, while protecting the environment and your budget!

Buying a jacuzzi bathtubnow child play when you have already taken into consideration the above factors.

Winter is coming and Tropicspa have the perfect hot tub for sale

Winter is coming and Tropicspa have the perfect hot tub for sale
It is but common knowledge that winter is rarely the best time of year to decide to go out somewhere outside of work, which is no longer something to explain to everyone. However, many people are used to visiting spa centres, and will not be able to visit them frequently due to the cold weather. That's why it's best for everyone to get one for home use.Getting a spa for the winter at Tropic spaIndeed, it is quite common to see people rushing to buy a spa as winter (hot tub for sale) [...]

The buoyancy of the water in a jacuzzi

The buoyancy of the water in a jacuzzi
Water's inherent buoyancy lowers body weight by around 90%. That's why many swimmers and users of hot tub therapy enjoy the feeling of weightlessness. Due to the reduced pressure on muscles and joints, our bodies also benefit from spending time in swimming pools and hot tubs.Facts about water buoyancyOn thin surfaces, humans and objects float easier. That's why they float in salt water rather than fresh water. The lower the salt level in swimming pools, hot tubs, lakes (jacuzzi whirlpool tubs) [...]

The late summer deals on home jacuzzis

The late summer deals on home jacuzzis
In summer, the life of a large city freezes. After spending the whole week in an office, sometimes very busy, on weekends, people tend to leave the city for nature. In summer, the occupancy rate of spas is quite high, if not absolute.Does the work of the spa in summer differ from that of the other seasons?Of course, summer work is different from other times of the year. In the exhibition, we have long noticed that there are fewer visitors on weekends. This is mainly due to the fact (home jacuzzi) [...]

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