The very best quality in terms of jacuzzi tubs

Everyone wants to bask in their own jacuzzi tubs. Today, there are outdoor versions to not clutter your space and to have a view of the sky during the moment of relaxation. Need to buy one? You can meet countless models on the market.

Jacuzzi is a brand of Spa

The Jacuzzi was invented by Cándido Jacuzzi (1903-1986), an Italian who emigrated to the United States, where he worked in the manufacture of hydraulic pumps. He had a son with rheumatoid arthritis and so decided to use one of his pumps to give him hydromassages to relieve his pain. It was then that he invented the Jacuzzi in the 1950s that quickly spread around the world.

The best brand of Spa

Or rather should we say the "best brands of Spa". We have, for you, selected the best current Spa brands. We will add more over time and our discoveries, and if our tests are convincing, you will find them here.

Intex Spa

The brand Intex on the market has not been introduced for more than half a century, 54 years to be exact. It is the world leader in aboveground pools and inflatable objects. You can read the Intex spa test for more information. Buying an Intex Jacuzzi means being sure of:

  • Buy a Spa of a high quality

  • Buy a good value spa

  • Buy a spa design

  • Enjoy a good after sales service

Bestway Spa

A giant in the aboveground pool and inflatable spas sector, Bestway has been around since 1994. It is a modern and dynamic company that promotes the ecological production of its products. The Bestway Jacuzzi Test will complement your knowledge of these products. The Bestway Jacuzzi range is important, modern and innovative. Buying a Bestway Jacuzzi is the guarantee of:

  • Buy a cheap spa

  • Buy an "ecological" spa

  • Buy a quality inflatable spa

  • Buy a Jacuzzi Spa at the top

Thus, many spas are of good quality. It must then be reassured by the most reputable brands in the field to optimize the use of your spas.

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