Boat hire in Sardinia with Samboat

Sardinia can be describe as the land of myths and legends, navigators and wars, above all the land of sea. Samboat gives you the opportunity to hire or rent boats and visit all the beaches of Sardinia. Cities like Cargliary and Alghero are perfect cities for trips with its amazing sardinian’s flavor. Discover the different types of boat you can hire on samboat in Sardinia.

Hire a Sail boat

It is easy to hire a boat in Sardinia in 5 minutes time. You can hire a sail boat from a private owner but the best and secure place to hire a sail boat is on samboat. You have the possibility to have a skipper with you on board or sail alone if you are experienced. You can hire a boat and do the cruiser around alone or enjoy the moment with love ones. You can manage and adapt the details during booking according to you.

Hire the Catamaran boat

Catamaran boat rental on Samboat gives you the opportunity to enjoy a cruise at lower cost. It is a spacious boat and has a good living space that increases stability. You wish to sail and enjoy comfort; the catamaran boat is suitable for you. Visit Sardinia’s beaches and coast. Choose the catamaran boat according to its size and location, the cost, and its capacity.

Hire a motor boat

Hiring a motor boat anywhere in Sardinia starts at 50 euros daily. You like to do fishing on boat or coasting through water the motor boat is ideal for you. Your dream about fishing on boat comes through with the motor boat accessible for all budgets. You will have all the necessary comforts together with your family on the boat to visit Sardinia.

RIB boat

You are planning the next sailing and you don’t have enough budgets, look forward to hire the magnificent RIB boat available on Samboat. If you are looking for something flexible and affordable, check out the RIB. It is the best choice for those who don’t have enough funds but aspire for a sail trip. With this type boat you can explore the coves and the creeks of the Mediterranean Sea.

Hire a house boat

You want to spend agreeable time on board, find and exceptional house boat. Samboat provide its service of house boat rentals for your greatest pleasure. You will find boats that will fulfill your desires. It is the easiest and most pleasant way to visit the sea.

Sardinia is the huge playground for boat lovers thereby boat hire sardinia will be pleasant for you.

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