Boating equipment and accessories to buy

The sun, sunscreen and the smell of sea salt are all things that make you dream before you go on a cruise in Corsica or along the Mediterranean coast. Still, you keep asking yourself a question: how to prepare for a sailing cruise? What should you take with you?

Safety on board

Self-inflating vest with a gas refill: really essential if you sail regularly because it is light and not bulky this makes it easier to accept. You will find yourself wearing it more often without finding it obligatory. There are all the prices. For the self-inflating vest, you will follow your choice and buy a Sécumar.


A good blade that cuts well to get rid of a likely net caught in the propeller, a multifunction knife for small DIY edge, a good kitchen knife to cut fish if you fish, a knife, fillet if you are tired of fish into steaks and if you like fish carpaccio cooked in lemon.

Horseshoe buoys, emergency lights, VHF…

It is boat equipment whose role is to ensure more specifically your safety at sea. This is the case, for example: - the horseshoe buoy that allows you to recover a fallen man to the sea; - emergency lights or a boat signal mirror to signal your position; - various boat accessories related to communication, such as VHF waterproof boats or flags; - a telescopic rescue paddle that allows you, in case of damage, to steer and propel your boat; - scoop and hand bilge pump, essential for the safety of the crew.

Pharmacy, anti-seasickness, Anti-mosquitoes

It is easy to get into boats, so plan analgesics, anti-inflammatory. For anti-seasickness, we can try the acupressure wristbands, homeopathy like anti-histamines drugs type, effect, but inevitably cause a state of drowsiness (

Compasses and rules

Did you recap your marine safety accessories and boat accessories? But what about your navigation accessories? Think of the bearing compass to find you at sea with the recovery of extraordinary points and bitter. To use a map, you will also need a compass to calculate your distances and a ruler to draw a route on a map. In short, to prepare you to take off in browser informed!

All the above points are essential before going on board but nevertheless you can’t have the equipment without having the boat so contact the site .

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