You can book a boat rental all year round with Samboat

SamBoat is a boat rental website. This platform enables online sailors to rent a boat. Now, as you can have the possibility to book your boat online all year round, you no longer have to relocate. For all budgets and events, SamBoat provides various kinds of boat to hire. The warm weather arrives and you dream to sail with your friends, enjoy a day of fishing with your family or take off on the Côte d'Azur. The dream is now at your fingertips! Below are tips to book your boat with Samboat.

Find the boat of your dreams

Go to the homepage of the site and fill in the search field the place where you would like to rent. Confirm. You then have the opportunity to refine your search through different criteria: the price, the type of boat, its capacity, its size and others.

Book your rental

Once you have clicked on the boat in question, you will see a lot of information: the description of the boat, its equipment as well as its availability and the profile of its owner. Under the amount of the price per day, you have the opportunity to enter your rental dates and the number of people. You then access the finalization of the reservation and send a message to the owner to complete your request.

Refine your profile

You do not lend your boat to an unknown total. That's why your profile is a crucial part of SamBoat. To fill it out: click on your profile picture and select "Edit my profile". From there, you will be able to modify your personal information, fill your nautical CV and add your profile picture

Pay online

Good news: The owner praises you with pleasure! You must then complete the last step of your reservation: online payment. You can access the payment of the rental amount directly from the confirmation email (which you received following the validation of your reservation by the owner) or from your dashboard. At the time of payment, a pre-authorization is made on your card as a deposit. So this how toboat rental with Samboat after booking.

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