Rent your boat here and travel the waters of the world

Do you want to explore the Mediterranean coast or travel along European rivers? You have the opportunity today to rent a boat at a very attractive price, whether for a week or for several days. Then just click here to enjoy the services delivered by Samboat!

Rent a particular boat with Samboat

Samboat is a professional who connects the renters and the tenants of boats. Professionals and private individuals can therefore register for free on the website when they wish to rent their boats, whether it is a barge, a sailboat, a catamaran or a semi-trailer. Rigid moored in Europe. One of the advantages of using the services of such a professional is to always find a boat available even at the last minute. You even have the right to promotional offers. If you are looking for a particular boat rental, simply refine your search by clicking on "particular". You can go up to specify the number of cabins, the brand of the boat or its year of construction.

Discover the world by boat

On board your rental boat, you are the master on board, you navigate at your own pace while enjoying the beautiful coastal landscapes. With family or group of friends, enjoy together the wonders of the sea or fluvial getaway. The discovery does not only happen on the boat. For example, call a professional diver to explore the seabed. Do not hesitate to make a stop to visit the coastal villages and familiarize yourself with the inhabitants. This gives you the chance to set your own route and stroll as long as you can on the water. With Samboat, you can rent a boat in Marseille, Corsica, La Rochelle, Hyères, Croatia, several Spanish cities and many other places.

Now that you're aware of the benefits you can get with Samboat, it's time to enjoy an unforgettable cruise vacation!

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