Welcome to the bates hotel

We wish you a warm welcome to Bates Hotel. An establishment that guarantees to all stays unpublished where calm and rest are the key words. The property offers everything a quality hotel can offer its guests. Of course, varied benefits come with the whole establishment offering truly unprecedented quality.

A hotel for calm and rest

Everything about the Bates Hotel goes in the direction of relaxation and calm. Both the activities that are proposed and the rooms. Note that the hotel offers different formulas at the room level. This being done in order to allow everyone to have a good home based on their needs. Thus, there are different rooms for different formulas adapted to all types of budgets at the Bates Hotel. This will guarantee everyone a night or even a weekend in a comfortable and perfectly adapted for rest. Moreover, the establishment is for all those who want to take a step back from the frantic pace of everyday life. It is a haven of peace and quiet that you will find in this place that has been made especially to relax. Both the diaper and the restaurant are available to all.

Quality service

With an exceptional setting comes necessarily a quality service on the hotel Bates. Thus, a welcoming team specialized in the hotel and catering industry is at your disposal to meet all your needs. From arrival to your departure, you will be pampered at the hotel. Of course, a responsive team is at your disposal on the site to meet all your needs. Moreover, to inform you at best of the services offered by the hotel different categories are available on its website. In this you will be able to access the blog, information concerning the installation or about the activities that are proposed there. Of course, if you have specific questions that you can not find on the website, you can always contact the hotel services via its website. It is also possible to call directly.

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