The best ways of exploring Sardinia

You plan to sail on the Mediterranean Sea with a boat rental in Sardinia. Sardinia is a second island in the Mediterranean and the first destination for boat rentals in Italy. This island is full of sandy beaches, caves and coves. But, there is no better way to explore than to rent a boat. So you have to find a boat rental sardinia.

The general characteristics of Sardinia

Sardinia obviously enjoys Mediterranean weather conditions. It's hot and dry with long summers and mild, temperate winters. From May to October, you will have plenty of hours of sunshine and good weather to take advantage of the cruise, beaches and seas you explore. The degrees of heat in Sardinia are likely to reach 35 degrees in summer and if they are mixed with low rainfall you will enjoy a climate that is suitable for navigation. If you are looking for strong emotions, it is possible to discover them in the north, in the region of the archipelago of La Maddalena. In addition, the winds are another characteristic of Sardinia. The whole region is particularly windy. If you rent a catamaran or a sailboat in Sardinia, the winds of Mistral and Scirocco are perfect to make navigation even more fun.

How to discover the treasures of this island?

Renting a boat in Sardinia allows you to cross a blue sky and explore deserted islands, white sand beaches and cobblestones of enchanting villages. Sardinia is a large and vast island. To rent a boat, you can choose from many ports of different types. There are different boats such as the catamaran and the semi-rigid rental in Sardinia. Among the ports you can choose Marina di Cugnana, Marina of Cugnana, Carloforte, Marina of Sant'Antioco, Molo Sanità, Port of Cagliari, Cagliari Marina del Sole, Marina of Capitana, Marina di Villasimius ... Then there are some interesting places that you can visit. Porto Cervo is a perfect place to enjoy the white beaches and crystal clear waters. Also, Vilasimius is a very wonderful village although it has a desert and wild side. In addition, you can visit the Maddalena if you want to explore the wonders of flora and marine life.

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